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CD Services

Adaptive Data Storage (ADS) offers CD technology, which is excellent in providing cost-effective portable storage, retrieval and distribution of computer generated reports and documents.

With our Computer Online Data (COLD) services, you can archive your computer output and take advantage of direct data access and high storage capacity. You can use powerful database search techniques to quickly access your information on a stand alone PC or over a network.

 Your Key Benefits:

  • Improve responsiveness with sophisticated indexing capabilities to find information fast
  • Improve accessibility to all of your needed documents
  • Increase your capacity storage: each CD can store up to 500,000 pages of computer output
  • Heighten your archive integrity with CDs which exceed records retention requirements
  • Streamline your operations by reducing costs for document distribution
  • Provide inherent disaster recovery via off-site storage of back-up CDs
  • Archive all source data received for processing at ADS facility

ADS can take the print image file currently used to generate microfiche and output the reports on CD-ROM. Data may be sent electronically via dedicated data lines, the internet or shipped on magnetic tape. The CDs can hold any number of reports, and the reports can be indexed on a number of fields. Users can select reports through a catalog display, or through simple search fields. The requested date is accessed instantly, and can be printed, faxed or merged into other software applications.

Data compression techniques allow CDs to store a tremendous amount of information, and ADS can support multiple CD volumes — giving you unlimited storage capacity. This high capacity works well with online information distribution over networks as well as mailings.

Because CD-ROM has a life expectancy of 100 years, your important business information is protected over the long-term for archiving, and is also a very secure back up in the event of disaster recovery. Importantly, the CDROM adheres to ISO standards, which together with support from PC operating systems, protects this medium from technological obsolescence.